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This was a warm-up doodle that turned out surprisingly cute, so I decided to finish it. And I've been meaning to practice coloring, so I figure I might as well try out one of those palette meme things. I just don't know if I did it correctly because 1) I used black to ink everything and 2) I use Sai brushes that have automatic blending on them, so there are colors in here that deviate from the original palette. All the meme pictures I've seen so far use don't use black for outlines or blend the colors to make new shades. Yeah, leave it to me to find a way to mess up the challenge :/ That's why I'm hesitant to post this to tumblr.

...Anyway, this is set in my Miwa AU and resulted from when I was thinking about Miwa's relationship with Mikey. Since she was always watching after him since he was the littlest, that also meant that, for a while, she and Mikey slept int the same bed either to help keep both of them warm or just because Mikey had a period of time when he was scared of the dark. Either way, it's cute :3

Date: 2014-08-01 11:11 am (UTC)
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Yeah, you're not supposed to be using black, but I think you're allowed to blend the colours. The way I understand it, you can do whatever you want, as long as you only use the available colours. I've seen people blend them in a similar meme, I think that most just avoid it to keep the original palette.

That is very cute and the backstory is adorable! c:
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