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Gah, I call Thursday and they tell me to call yesterday at 8:30 in the morning. Then I'm so anxious about 'what if I sleep through my alarm' that I don't really sleep well that night, but I do get up in time and you know what? The hiring person still isn't in and I leave them my number for the third time!

...okay, so they started school on Wednesday, I can respect that things would be busy. But it has been over a week since my interview, I would like to know if this job is still an option or not.

...and of course, I still haven't heard back from anyone else, so that is why I'm clinging so hard to this opportunity. But next week I'll probably begin calling individual schools about my applications instead of just going through the district websites. One of the places I applied for is working at the on-site preschool at my old high school, which my sister will be starting this year. That...would actually be kind of funny if I ended up working at the same place she is going to school. She'd probably tell me not to embarrass her, which is what Bro said when he began high school as well; he's a year younger then me, so when he began his freshman year, he told me not to hang around with him least I hurt his rep. Sis is basically the same way.

And I though being the oldest sibling would make me be the cool one :(

Either way, it would be really great if I could hear back from someone, anyone! This waiting part is the hardest part of the whole thing!


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