Aug. 15th, 2014

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Erhhh, I'm so tired. We were babysitting two of my cousins yesterday and it ended up turning into a sleepover. Both of the boys were so excited but that meant that they didn't go to sleep until around 1:30 in the morning or so. And then they get up early and are so full of energy 0_0

Since they love Lego's, my mom brought out my brother's old Bionicles from the storage shed to play with. Only they kept calling the Bionicles 'Hero Factory' XD I heard Bionicles might be getting a reboot soon and their birthdays are coming up, so that may be a good gift idea for them.

They were staying with us because their youngest brother ended up staying overnight at the hospital with their mom. They thought he might have type-1 diabetes, but I guess the tests for it came back negative? I don't really know, only they haven't figured out what's wrong with him. Since he was throwing up a lot, we thought he might be dehydrated since this is Arizona, but they ended up finding keytones in his urine and a raised white cell count. But, again, they were able to rule out diabetes, so what could it be?

On a more pleasent note, my mom and I made my Grandma's pound cake yesterday. Mom put me in charge of measuring everything, because she has a horrible tendency to forget how many cups of flour she puts in, leading to the cake being too doughy the last time she tried making it. This time, though, it came out perfect! The boys loved it, and when we made sure to leave a piece for the youngest (who always reminded us of that when we talked to him on the phone). And between my family and my cousin's, its all gone, so we'll have to try to make it again some time.


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