Sep. 29th, 2014

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Wee, first week of work out of the way and I'm loving it! The staff has been super nice about helping me get situated and the girl I'm working with is such a sweetie with the cutest dimples when she smiles! But it is still so weird to be working at the school without actually being in school; for the past two years, every time I've been teaching I've also had course work to worry about. I still catch myself going 'what classes I have today?" and "what assignment are due?" and it is just so weird.

But it is nice not to have that extra responsibility looming over me. When I switched my majors from Elementary Ed. to Educational Studies, it was because I couldn't take both the classroom responsibility and the course work as well. That really hurt my confidence regarding my teaching abilities and that is the main reason I haven't taken the test for becoming a certified teacher. I think a bit more time at this place and I'll might be reading to take it for the next school year...

Other than that, new job meant that I had to quit procrastinating about cleaning through my closet. I've discovered that I have a surprising amount of shirts and jeans that I should begin wearing more instead of constantly switching through the same seven or so pairs of tank tops and shorts. But it has been so humid here in the desert lately! We're getting flooded with rain and it gets so disgusting out here. Just this weekend we had another monsoon, and between the icky weather and Sophie-cat and Lily-dog going crazy over the thunder and lighting, I've been reminded why I love the dry, desert heat so much!


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