Jan. 13th, 2015

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You know, the New Year looks so much better once you already graduated with a stable job. I'm just been so ridicously happy this past week, even if it was the same week school started. But I think part of that is because I do have a job and don't have to worry about things like the next semester.

...I still have days where I come home and am like 'shoot, I have things due for class tomorrow...oh, no I don't."

My New Years resolution is to just keep growing as I have. I want to eventually try moving out and living on my own, but baby steps. I already took the first step in that I have a new car! My old Honda Accord, which my family bough off my aunt, finally had its transmission crapped out to the point where I couldn't even even reverse it.

I think I mentioned before on tumblr that my grandfather was a mechanic and Mom and Auntie Sue both picked up quiet a bit about cars from him. They and my dad talked over my options with me and at this point there was no point in paying to get a new transmission. So they went out with me to the dealer to help me get my new baby, a silver Hyuundai Accent! I'm paid for the down payment, the rest of the payments and it is all in my names, but they helped with the paperwork and everything!

We got in on January 10th, which was actually the fifth year anniversity of Momma getting diagnosed with breast cancer. Now she has something better to remember the day for~

Then January 11th was Lily's second birthday! Look at how much she's grown over the years!

She's still spoiled though XD 

So the rest of the family used that as an excuse to come over for cake and to see my baby XD

So in all, things have been going good for 2015. Having both school and a car loan now to pay off is a bit scary, but I worked out my budget and it will be fine.

Now how else will 2015 proceed?


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