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(warnings for mention of depression)

I was in the hospital yesterday thanks to kidney-stone-pain-that-wakes-me-up-at-four-in-the-morning. So we're going through the list of questions, and my mom is helping me because I'm pretty out of it due to the pain at the time. But when she says that I'm taking celexa for anxiety, I pipe in to add that it's for depression. When the nurse leaves, my mom then turns to me with this surprised look on her face and says "I though it was only for anxiety, but you can take it for depression as well?"

(I wish I knew how to put gifs in these entries as then I would put in that gif of Picard facepalming)

I've been on it for, I think two years now, and you never once picked that up. It wasn't like this was the first time I had to fill out medical paperwork and mention it; my mother was right there when I was filling out papers for entering the teaching program each semester. Not to mention that celexa's main use is as an anti-depressant, and it treating my anxiety is a nice side effect.

Though, if my mother and father though that my medication was only for anxiety, that does make sense of some things. Like, my aunts and uncles who take medication for depression are probably also taking it for anxiety and my parents just assume it was for one thing and not the other. Heck, that still perfectly explains why they have such a hard time accepting that depression can be something chemical in the brain if they didn't know that their siblings exactly what medication their siblings are taking.
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