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So, Sunday was my mother's birthday. After the two blackouts we had earlier in August, my dad knew that my mom wanted more candle holders so he got her a candle tray with stones in it, kind of like this. Mom loved it, but noted that she got it after the blackouts.

WELL YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPEN LAST NIGHT? Hint: Another blackout. At least Mom was able to put her birthday present to good use, but that doesn't change the fact that this is monsoon season, so the nights are hot and humid. You know things are bad when people are saying that they wished the power went out during the day! At least then, they could go to an air-conditioned place that is open!

At least, that how the rest of my family saw it. I'm definitely the most adapt to heat in the family, so it was no big deal for me, That just meant that I was on duty to give Lily ice water to help her cool down. Poor baby...

Oh, and I got Mom her own flute pan/angel food pan so she has her own and doesn't have to keep borrowing from her friends. We're planning to break it in by making Grandma's pound cake again this week :) 


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