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I got my first paycheck on Friday and do you remember what I said would be the first thing I spent it on? Food! I've become kind of addicticed to steamed buns with sweet red bean paste in them (and a plus is that I don't have to worry about anyone else sneaking some out to eat since they don't like them) and I wanted to try making some of my own. I've found a recipe for the paste, or anko as it is also called, and bough some red beans from the Asian Market on my way home from work and made this:

Might not look like much, but considering I was paniking when I began adding the sugar because it looked too watery... I'm just so happy it came out alright; it tastes a bit sweeter then I usually like it, but that can be easily fix by adjusting the sugar added next time. I also bought both glutinous and non-glutinous rice flour to make dango to go with it and I also want to try making daifuku with it as well.

Can you tell that Just One Cookbook is my new favorite site? I'm seriously tempted to begin trying eBooks for the sole sake of the digital recipe book.

The rest of my family doesn't like anko (except maybe my brother, but it's been years since he had a chance to taste it so he doesn't know if he'll like it or not) but I'll also try out some other flavors for the dango and daifuku that would better suit their tastes. My dad is actually diabetic and he began having to take insulin a couple of years ago. On Friday, he and my mom went to a nutrition class for diabetics and finally, after months of Mom and I trying to get through to him, he is finally understanding the importance of counting his carbs. Of course, this translated into him trying to lecture me when I was making pancakes (non-gluten, non-wheat pancakes, mind you) yesterday and Mom had to remind him that, no, I'm not the one needs to count carbs, especially considering Bro and I are the ones who are the most mindful of what we eat >_<

But it gives me an excuse to try to be healthier. I bough some almond flour, which has 6 grams of carbs of which 3 of them are fiber, and he wants to give it a try. I also want to look into sugar substitutes; just how beneficial is agave and how could I substitute it into recipes? Another thing is that I have a bit of a sweet tooth and prefer baking, but I think its time for me to venture out into trying more savory recipes that might have me not being as depended on the oven.
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