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So aside from being a paraprofessional, I also run the art club at school. The club is under this 'Fine Arts' umbrella which includes drama, dance, and choir, so it is understood that when they do a school musical, we will help provide props and sets.

Which is fine if we weren't running down to the wire. I only got a 'suggested' list of props at the end of March and only last week did I get a confirmed list for all the props and sets, not to mention confirmation that we will be using the campus's stage instead of going off campus. Basically, last week was the point at which I got all the info for what to do, and the play opens on May 7th.

I'm not the only one to worry about the timing, since we only got casting and stuff done in early March, barely giving us two months to work with. Luckily the musical is Alice in Wonderland, so the kids are excited to go crazy with colors for the sets (after all, who says Wonderland can't have blue and purple trees?).  The other design club teacher runs soccer, so while he is often gone for games and practice, he is more than willing to have his players help with painting things.

Again, it just feels like we're running rather close to the wire and it wasn't helped that the past two weeks have been standardized testing weeks. That meant I had to cover for a lot of classes when the teachers are administrating the tests, leaving me with a very crowded schedule and no time to stop to work on things.

The call date for the props and sets is next Wednesday. I've got some props cut out for the kids to paint at tomorrow's club meeting, and testing will be done by tomorrow, so I can only hope that this will be enough to get everything done.

On the plus side, this has left me very...I guess creatively frustrated during the week, since I have no time to work on my own art during the week. That means when I go to art classes on Saturday , all the pent up creativity finally has an outlet. My instructor is very impressed by how focused and absorbed I am during this time :) 
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Blah Blah Acara's Emotional Issue )
Anyway, during my hiatus I was working on my original content. I was thinking of posting some things here for feedback, but with my parents going on about how I never share art with them, I'm feeling so guilty over posting things for people other them to see. But they've made it clear that they don't like the genre or themes I like to use in my writing, which is why I want to share it with others who do.

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There's a new standardized test coming out for my state, and I have mandatory training for it on Monday.

So I had to cancel my club for that day :( And we were just letting 5th and 6th graders join...
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ARGH! Our power went out again! Ever since we had those serial blackouts back in August, it seems that every other month they go around trying to fix things, but just end up cutting us off again!

Anyway, I held the first meeting of my Anime and Manga Club at my school yesterday. Considering that I passed out the permission slips for it on Thursday (Friday was no school for the students) and everything was basically word of mouth, the turn out of nine kids wasn't bad; certainly was a more manageable number for me to begin with as I get use to this. I had another kid turn in a permission slip to me and several others express interest once an announcement was formally made, so more might be coming.

But it was fun yesterday. The kids all call me 'senshi' or 'senpai' :D And while they were disappointed that I put an end to any ideas about having shipping wars, but we found more stuff to talk about. They were already talking about club activities like "Cosplay for Charity" or doing White Day grams. I also did a presentation about Valentine Day in Japan and gave them a 'creative challenge'; since so many of them tell me how anime and manga inspire them to draw, write, make AMVs, etc., they for the month of February I want to see if they could make something around the theme of Valentines Day. We're also doing another challenge to come up with a club mascot to put on flyers and stuff.

When we had free discussion, the kids brought up dubbing and we watch different dubbed theme songs, like the Swedish opening for Sailor Moon. I might do that as the topic for next week; I just got the Sailor Moon Reflections book and will see if I could incorporate something from there.

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Wee, first week of work out of the way and I'm loving it! The staff has been super nice about helping me get situated and the girl I'm working with is such a sweetie with the cutest dimples when she smiles! But it is still so weird to be working at the school without actually being in school; for the past two years, every time I've been teaching I've also had course work to worry about. I still catch myself going 'what classes I have today?" and "what assignment are due?" and it is just so weird.

But it is nice not to have that extra responsibility looming over me. When I switched my majors from Elementary Ed. to Educational Studies, it was because I couldn't take both the classroom responsibility and the course work as well. That really hurt my confidence regarding my teaching abilities and that is the main reason I haven't taken the test for becoming a certified teacher. I think a bit more time at this place and I'll might be reading to take it for the next school year...

Other than that, new job meant that I had to quit procrastinating about cleaning through my closet. I've discovered that I have a surprising amount of shirts and jeans that I should begin wearing more instead of constantly switching through the same seven or so pairs of tank tops and shorts. But it has been so humid here in the desert lately! We're getting flooded with rain and it gets so disgusting out here. Just this weekend we had another monsoon, and between the icky weather and Sophie-cat and Lily-dog going crazy over the thunder and lighting, I've been reminded why I love the dry, desert heat so much!
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So I've kind of been MIA for a while, but things are finally looking up and you know why? 


I'm going to be a paraprofessional for a special needs student at a charter school that is only about ten minutes away from my house. The pay isn't the best -I'm on a strict 40 hour weekly schedule with no option for overtime- but compared to how great everything else about it is, I can let that slide. It's close by so I won't be wasting money on gas, the campus is beautiful, the dress code is relatively lax (we can wear business shorts when it gets hot out, which is wonderful for working in the Arizona desert) and a couple of blocks from it is an Asian market. And they have green tea mochi and red bean steamed buns! I dropped off the last of my paperwork today (I start Monday) and stopped off there to pick them up.

...Yeah, my first thought after getting the job was "Think of all the food I can buy!". I'm such a bad Christian because my first thought wasn't even about how I'll be able to regularly tithe now; it was actually my third thought because my second one was then "Now I can save up to buy video games." But my tastes run a bit different from the rest of my family and I hate having them buy my almond milk, tofu, etc, but now they won't have to!

Job Woes

Aug. 26th, 2014 08:18 pm
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(trigger warning for mention of depression)

I've been feeling really depressed lately, largely because of the job thing. Since school started, I just felt like I missed my-self imposed deadline for getting a job. But my therapist and a family friend (who was a teacher herself until she retired last year) reminded me that there will still be having job posting, and even have new positions opening as they realize what they still need. But it was still a depressive episode; I didn't even get around to submitting anything last week just because I felt so stagnated and wondering what is the point if I'm just going to be turned down again. But I need to keep going and this was actually a subject we touched on when I was interning at the job center. I need to set small, reachable objectives as I continue to work towards my goal of getting a job. Right now it is just making sure that I submit an application each day, which I have been doing so far.

I still need to work on getting out of my rut. I might try to get back to drawing and writing, and maybe even hanging out on tumblr and Skype again.
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Gah, I call Thursday and they tell me to call yesterday at 8:30 in the morning. Then I'm so anxious about 'what if I sleep through my alarm' that I don't really sleep well that night, but I do get up in time and you know what? The hiring person still isn't in and I leave them my number for the third time!

...okay, so they started school on Wednesday, I can respect that things would be busy. But it has been over a week since my interview, I would like to know if this job is still an option or not.

...and of course, I still haven't heard back from anyone else, so that is why I'm clinging so hard to this opportunity. But next week I'll probably begin calling individual schools about my applications instead of just going through the district websites. One of the places I applied for is working at the on-site preschool at my old high school, which my sister will be starting this year. That...would actually be kind of funny if I ended up working at the same place she is going to school. She'd probably tell me not to embarrass her, which is what Bro said when he began high school as well; he's a year younger then me, so when he began his freshman year, he told me not to hang around with him least I hurt his rep. Sis is basically the same way.

And I though being the oldest sibling would make me be the cool one :(

Either way, it would be really great if I could hear back from someone, anyone! This waiting part is the hardest part of the whole thing!

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...I still didn't get a call back today. I even tried to call the school again, but it was after office hours. First thing tommorrow, though, I'll call again because at this point I don't care about whether I get the job or not, I want closure darn it!

(And I also want the peace of being able to separate myself from my cell phone lest I miss their call back)

In other news, I've been enjoying Cyborg 009 (the 2001 series) and re-discovering my love for the Megaman series. Both have rekindled my interest in robots and sci-fi, which is an interesting change in mindset after spending so long in the medieval fantasy setting of Fire Emblem. It also reminded me again how badly I want a steady job so I can justify getting a subscription for the Archie Megaman comics.

Sigh. At least for now I can rely on my library for some of the graphic novels. And they finally got the first two volumes of the crossover with Sonic, so yeah.

But I'm still frustrated about the job thing. Why won't anyone call me back >_<

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I had an interview on Friday for a teacher assistant position at a charter school, and I've been waiting all weekend and today for them to call me back. I called them today to follow up with it, and the secretary told me she would give the hiring person my number when she was avaible. At the interview, they mentioned that they would be starting school this week and that today would be an open house for kids to meet all the teachers, so I'm hoping that now it is over, they'll be able to get back to me.

I live in Arizona, so our school year is from August to May (I've heard that is to keep kids from being in school for the hottest parts of the summer). Schools are going to be starting up soon, so there's that as well. My therapist (who use to work as a counselor at a college) told me that it isn't uncommon for schools to call people back at the last minute when they realize they still have spots to fill. There isn't much else I can do, I even called some of the districts I've also applied for and they said that I just have to keep waiting..

I picked up some job applications for local grocery stores and restaurants so if worst comes to worse, I'll try getting a part time job there. At least I'll be able to begin saving up money for a place of my own.

Bah, I'm so worried over this that I completely forgot about Comic-Con. Normally that would be enough to excite me, but I'm not feeling it. Talking to my bro might help; I'll have to call him about catching up with what was said at the panels so we can geek out over stuff together.


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