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ARGH! Our power went out again! Ever since we had those serial blackouts back in August, it seems that every other month they go around trying to fix things, but just end up cutting us off again!

Anyway, I held the first meeting of my Anime and Manga Club at my school yesterday. Considering that I passed out the permission slips for it on Thursday (Friday was no school for the students) and everything was basically word of mouth, the turn out of nine kids wasn't bad; certainly was a more manageable number for me to begin with as I get use to this. I had another kid turn in a permission slip to me and several others express interest once an announcement was formally made, so more might be coming.

But it was fun yesterday. The kids all call me 'senshi' or 'senpai' :D And while they were disappointed that I put an end to any ideas about having shipping wars, but we found more stuff to talk about. They were already talking about club activities like "Cosplay for Charity" or doing White Day grams. I also did a presentation about Valentine Day in Japan and gave them a 'creative challenge'; since so many of them tell me how anime and manga inspire them to draw, write, make AMVs, etc., they for the month of February I want to see if they could make something around the theme of Valentines Day. We're also doing another challenge to come up with a club mascot to put on flyers and stuff.

When we had free discussion, the kids brought up dubbing and we watch different dubbed theme songs, like the Swedish opening for Sailor Moon. I might do that as the topic for next week; I just got the Sailor Moon Reflections book and will see if I could incorporate something from there.


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